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1550 Handheld Laser Diode Driver Controller

1550 Handheld Laser Diode Driver Controller

$ 800.00

The model 1550 Laser Diode Driver Controller (LDDC) provides a simple method of controlling all CW and QCW Lumina and other popular laser diode drivers. The LDDC provides complete manual and computer control of all diode driver parameters, including current amplitude, CW and pulse modes, with control of pulse width and frequency.

1550 LDDC Additional Specifications:
Lumina Compatibility

Driver Compatibility:
• Standard diode drivers with digital and analog control interfaces.

*Future options include: board level for OEM integration, ethernet communications, thermistor measurement, photodiode measurement and external trigger with adjustable synch.

If our commercial products do not exactly fit your needs, please contact us to receive a quick quote or assistance in outlining your application – we provide custom and OEM solutions. For a complete laser control solution see our LSC 1650 Laser System Controller.

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