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9254 Emerald Pulse Generators

$ 3,500.00

The Emerald 9250 is the newest addition to our line of Digital Delay Pulse Generators. This unit will come standard with a 280 ppb TCXO oscillator, giving you performance you want without extra cost.

Emerald Options:

Bluetooth Computer Control
The Bluetooth wireless capabilities are truly unique with this unit. With the Bluetooth option you can control the series wirelessly with the included software application, Comm Terminal, or other terminal programs. This unique feature allows you to communicate with Bluetooth equipped devices, such as laptops, Android® tablets, and smartphones. Communicating with the 9250 via an Android device can be accomplished by using any application that supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP). Many “Bluetooth Chat” applications are available on the Google Play store that can be used to send commands to the 9250."

TZ50 Option
The TZ50 option allows a user to have a 50 Ohm load on the output while maintaining an output amplitude of at least 4 Volts while in the TTL/CMOS mode.

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