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9530 Digital Delay Pulse Generator

9530 Digital Delay Pulse Generator

$ 4,180.00

Innovative approach to high-quality timing and synchronizing at affordable pricing. The 9530 Pulse Generator provides precision timing and synchronization to effectively trigger any series of events or necessary equipment with four or eight independent outputs, dual inputs with gate/trigger or optional dual trigger, and external clock reference input.The 9530 can accept a low amplitude clock frequency down to 20 mV, up to 100 MHz. This offers the ability to phase-lock directly to a laser photodiode signal, providing system timing synchronicity with the laser with very low jitter (< 50 ps). Complimentary Labview Drivers (NI certified) available.

9530 Series Options:

DT15 - Dual Trigger Input
The DT15 module option allows the Gate input to double as a second trigger input.

I-Pulse Increment Option
The (I) increment modes for the 9530 series Pulse Generators are a pair of special modes which allow the delay and width of each channel to be incremented at the end of a burst of pulses.

TZ50 - 50 Ohm Output Module
The TZ50 option allows a user to have a 50 Ohm load on the output while maintaining an output amplitude of at least 4 Volts while in the TTL/CMOS mode.

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